The Berlin Assignment - publication date announced: 28.2.24

September 05, 2023

The Berlin Assignment - publication date announced: 28.2.24

The publication date for The Berlin Assignment (the sequel to The Pearl River) has been set for 28 February 2024.  Don't miss the next exciting episode in the Adam Devon series! A Cold War thriller largely set in Berlin (of course), Adam Devon becomes unwillingly involved in the deadly game of spy operations, espionage and treachery.  His only hope of survival comes from the female special agents, both expected and unexpected.

Pre-publication reviews have been released:

"The Berlin Assignment is a gripping, well-written historical thriller following test pilot Adam Devon as he agrees to an assignment which will see him travel to Berlin to retrieve a Russian missile specialist looking to defect. Set in the early 1950s, in the Cold War era, the book is rich in historical detail and is bound to appeal to readers who enjoy expansive thrillers, daring heroes and heroines as well as a splash of romance."

"The author has created a great cast of characters and I particularly enjoyed reading about Hannah, the courageous heroine of the novel, but I also thought that the wily and distrustful Henry Fitzjohn was very well-drawn and kept the reader guessing over his intentions and motivations."